Party at Oddyssea

Party At Oddyssea

Don’t be boring, book your next event at Oddyssea where you can bring the excitement of exploration, creation, and discovery to your guests in a completely unique and fun way. Nothing is more fun than a party and nothing creates treasured memories like a good party.

Oddyssea Outside is one of a kind. It’s a garden where the remains of the Oceane, a shipwreck from the 1850’s, has mysteriously reappeared. You and your guests can interact with a number of onsite attractions and participate in a hands-on activities while enjoying your company. It’s safe to say, your event will be fun and memorable. At Oddyssea, we offer a few choices of how to deliver your unforgettable event:

Birthday Party
Team Building
Design Your Own
Activities To Go

Party FAQ For Event Planners
Contact us to book your party or event via email (info at oddyssea dot com) or phone (650-440-4555.)