Oddyssea Outside

Quick Facts:

Hours: Variable with weather, private events, etc. Generally Sat & Sun 11a-5p (check our Twitter feed for latest info.) 2017 Fall/Winter Hours from September 5th to December 31st Garden Open Saturday & Sunday 11a-5p weather permitting.

Address: 601 Main Street, Half Moon Bay, California 94019 – 650-440-4555

Activity Sessions: Drop-in basis. First come, first serve. Check our Events page for the current list of activities.

The Story:

Back before we even opened Oddyssea Inside, we saw the vacant lot at 601 Main Street in downtown Half Moon Bay and dreamed of ways to make it more than a home for weeds and leftover crushed glass. After nearly 2 years of effort, we’re excited to be able to share what we’ve been up to hidden behind the perimeter fence.

First and foremost, Oddyssea Outside is a garden to host activities and have adventures. Everything we offer in some way accrues value to those objectives. The setting for the space is a garden with a ship’s remains, the Oceane built in 1846 and wrecked in 1853 off the San Mateo coast on her way back from the far east. In fact, over 90% of the materials used for Oddyssea Outside have been salvaged, reclaimed, and repurposed in their new life.

Our family loves the maker movement and the various activities and events (like the Maker Faire) that support, catalyze, and encourage creativity in multiple mediums. The anchor for Oddyssea Outside is our weekly activity sessions where everyone is welcome to drop by and participate on a first come, first serve basis (we can handle about 30 people per session.) What activities are we talking about? We have a living list of 80 different things that we’re working from and these include topics like leather working, build your own terrarium, build a kite, and learn to navigate using a compass and sextant.

We also wanted to provide some built-in activities for visitors to enjoy and have added the Treasure Flume, a mining apparatus where intrepid souls are able to unearth minerals, shells, and fossils using the flume.

Another feature of the garden is a 36′ mast salvaged from the ship wreck. It serves multiple purposes, it’s a home to our flags, leverage to hoist the sales to cover our event space with shelter from the elements, and it supports the Peak-a-Viewer, a high-definition camera that provides a bird’s eye view of the horizon and as a bonus, it’s connected to the Oceane’s ship’s wheel and when the wheel is turned the camera pans the horizon and can be viewed live above the binnacle.

Since we had some left over lumber and cannonballs, so we decided that it would be fun to build Cannonball Run, the world’s largest marble race/run. This behemoth is 20′ tall and 24′ wide. It features 14 ramps and two ball lift towers that allow participants to pedal as fast as they can to get their cannonball to the top of the tower and race to the bottom first. (This attraction is still under construction.)

People often want to range far and wide with their adventure, we’ve also put together a pirate fleet of electric bicycles that can be used to explore the coast and coastal bike trail. Each of these clipper bikes can carry up to 350lbs, have an all electric range of 20 miles, and are equipped with baskets for essential supplies and treasure. These transports are available to experienced captains by the hour or the day.

Our daughter Katrina has long dreamed of making the best candies available to hungry adventurers, and that was the genesis of Trina’s Sweet Shoppe, your one stop for sugary treats. Available by the jar or by the pound, come sample each of the 30 different candies available at Trina’s.

Finally the garden itself is home to many native California plant varieties seen from the coast to the hills along with edibles and rare varieties. We wanted to create a welcoming, interesting, and fun place for people to want to visit, learn, and have fun while surrounded by nature. We also feature a one-of-a-kind vertical garden where a leaky trough supplies a constant rain flow over the wall collecting in a pool below where fish idly swim around. A solar powered pump circulates the water back up to the trough where fish waste fertilizes the plants and the plants filter and clean the water for the fish.

If Oddyssea Outside sounds interesting to you, you’re invited to visit. We’re open Friday-Monday 10am-6pm. Activity sessions happen on-demand during open hours.

What? You want Oddyssea Outside all to yourself? You’d like to have a birthday, corporate event, or other special event in the space? We’d be happy to host you. Packages start at $300 and can be booked by contacting us.