Oddyssea Virtual Workshops

What is a virtual workshop?
Once a month you will be able to join the ODD team in a fun & unique 30-minute how-to virtual session, where we create one of our favorite activities and give you our special tips & tricks to help you create your special one-of-a kind craft! 

How do I receive the featured activity? 
We will ship your featured activity to you! Once we receive your registration, an ODD team member will call you to confirm your registration, obtain payment and shipping information, then will ship the kit out to you. 

October’s Featured Activity: Celebrate the beginning of Fall and Halloween with a custom, ghoulish Haunted Terrarium. Create a witch’s spooky house in the woods, an eerie graveyard with a ghostly friend, or a spooky fall scene complete with fog and pumpkins. Join as the ODD team gives their special tips & tricks into creating their own unique pieces! Register below! 

Haunted Terrarium
Price: $55.00
Glassware, sand, variety of moss, ‘spooky friends’, haunted house, and more accoutrements. Shipping + 30-minute virtual workshop! *Does not include sales tax

Saturday, October 3rd 6:00 pm-6:30 pm PST with owner, Lesley Hansen.
Registration closes Monday, September 28th.


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