What do you get when you combine iron, a suspension medium, and magnetism? Ferrofluid! It’s pretty simple to make using this Oddyssea activity kit in the garden. Just mix the iron and the medium, stir well. Cap it. Then use your magnet to make it do all sorts of other worldly things. We’ve experimented with this substance in many different forms with many different results. What will you discover as you experiment? (Note: To be absolutely technically correct, ours is a Magnetorheological Fluid rather than a true ferrofluid as our particle size is not nano scale.)

The Oddyssea anti anxiety Garden has all sorts of fun things to see and do. During the winter period (Labor Day to Memorial Day) the Garden is open 12-4p on weekends (weather permitting) and during some holidays and school breaks. Activities are provided on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last. As is fitting for a Garden with a resident shipwreck, activities are paid for using Doubloons (purchased in the shop nextdoor.)

Check the front page of our website for up-to-date information about the Garden (Twitter and Facebook too.) We hope to see you outside soon.

Find your Fortune (Pearl)

Find your Fortune Pearl at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

One of the things we’ve always tried to do at Oddyssea is to make our activities informative and fun. With our November featured activity, we think we might have hit the nail on the head: Fortune Pearl.

Each freshwater oyster has been specially cultivated to insure that there is a pearl inside. But, you have to open the oyster to determine the size, shape, and color of your pearl. Now, since pearls can be valuable, we think of these as a “small fortune.” But wait, there’s more, we also wanted to inject some fun into the activity so we also include a cookie like “fortune” hand harvested from our resident oracle, Zoltar the Great.

Once you have your pearl and your fortune, package them up in a micro glass bottle with a cork and you’re good to go!

Oddyssea Outside Garden is open weekends throughout the school year (weather permitting) and we offer many different activities and adventures each week. Come on over for a visit!

DIY Leather Bracelet

Visitors to Oddyssea have been doing great things with the DIY Dog Tags – a metal stamping activity – so we decided to try another medium.

You can choose from one of three different bracelet/gauntlet blanks and then design your own pattern to emboss on the blank using the letters/numbers and 20 specialty leather stamps at the station. Early reports are that visitors love this activity because it’s fun, forgiving, and you can complete it in virtually any time span.

In addition to the Leather Bracelet, we have many other activities on tap including: Mining for Treasure, Break your own Geode, Sand Art, Message in Bottle, DIY Dog Tags, Terrarium Buffets, and Terrarium Necklaces. Check the main Oddyssea web page for current garden hours.


DIY Bath Salts Kit

Create your own Bath Salts at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

We’ve had a ton of fun with activities in the Oddyssea Garden and one of the things we’ve wanted to add for some time was a bath salts project. In addition to providing you the opportunity to concoct your own bath salts, we wanted to provide a means to package them in a manner appropriate for gifting (or simply enjoying if you’re doing them for yourself!)

Thus, we are happy to introduce the Oddyssea DIY Bath Salts Kit. Come out to the garden and practice some bath salt alchemy with our fresh, organic ingredients. Then, once you’re happy with what you made, give them to a friend or loved one to enjoy!

We hope you’ll enjoy this activity as much as we enjoyed assembling and testing it.

In addition to the featured Bath Salts activity, we have another couple dozen on the menu you can try including Cannonball Run. Summer hours 11a-5p Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, and 10a-6p Saturday carry forward through August 18th.

Chowder Mobile at July Passegiatta

Sam's Chowder Mobile in the Oddyssea Outside Garden on Passegiatta July 31, 2015 6-9p

We are honored and delighted to be able to host Sam’s Chowder House’s Chowder Mobile Friday July 31, 2015 for Passegiatta, 6-8p. If you haven’t experienced the culinary delights of the Chowder Mobile, don’t walk, run to the Oddyssea Garden and get your chow on. This food truck was voted “Best Food Truck” by the folks at Bay Area A-List in 2015 and we can tell you, that title was earned and well deserved.

Fresh fish and chips, lobster rolls, Po’ Boys, calamari, and of course, delicious clam chowder are on the menu. Read more about what’s typically available here at the ChowderMobile web site. We had the good purchase lexapro online fortune to have the Chowder Mobile in the garden in May for a private event and found the food delicious and the crew a bunch of fun.

What could be better than great food from Sam’s, a stroll along Main Street in historic downtown Half Moon Bay, and all the fun activities and adventures offer in our garden? We hope to see you on Friday July 31, 2015 so you can experience the Chowder Mobile first-hand.

Please note: The Passegiatta Passaporto is valid at Sam’s on Highway 1, but cannot be used with the Chowder Mobile.

Odd Bauble

Odd Bauble at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

At Oddyssea we are forever collecting, curating, and displaying things. Interesting things. Odd things. Fundamentally, things we like. Recently Ellen started experimenting with displaying her treasures by hanging them on driftwood and we really liked the result – the Odd Bauble.

With this fun activity, you carefully select curios from our extensive collection and find just the right way to hang them on a piece of driftwood. While we have cool stuff, you might too and you’re welcome to bring your own curiosities or simply add them when you get home. We had fun naming this one too: Should it be an Odd Mobile (conjured the image of the Bat Mobile for Mike) A curio hanger (cringe, we don’t like the idea of hanging things.) Since it kind of bobbles and it displays baubles, the name Odd Bauble mens health just had to be the winner. Lesley gets credit for finding the winning name.

This will be the featured project in the Oddyssea Garden until mid-July when we will introduce another collector themed piece of fun. Meanwhile, in addition to Odd Baubles, we continue to have a full slate of fun things available in the Oddyssea Garden where you can spend your Doubloons, simply enjoy the garden (we just refreshed it this week with new plants,) rent an Electric Bike or Metal Detector, and perhaps, check out a new attraction that is big, loud, and fun. But more on that at a future date.

Come on down! Make sure to check the Events page for open times as we do have a fair number of private events starting to crowd the calendar.

Build Your Own Catapult

Your Mission: Turn the bits in the image below:

Components used to craft your own catapult at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

Into this fully functioning catapult.
Finished catapult - the kind you can create at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

Yes, it’s real. Yes, it shoots clay projectiles. No, we’re not crazy. Yes, you can do this through mid-June 2015. Yes, we can help you build it. No, you can’t shoot (your spouse, sibling, neighbor, cat, etc.) Though we think aiming at rogue mice might be OK. (It’s a clay projectile, it won’t even hurt a mouse.)

What you definitely CAN do is build a castle from blocks, cardboard, or cans, and use your catapult to knock them all down. Make it a game, score 1 point for each can knocked down, go for 3 rounds, and see who has the highest score!

The only thing required to successfully complete this mission is about 30 minutes time, a little patience, the ability to read English, French, or German, and the ability to follow directions. We provide everything else including a little coaching 😉

Come visit Oddyssea Outside, check our Events page for Oddyssea Outside Open Times and Public Drop-in Hours or book your Private Event.

Seed Bombs

Roll your own, let them dry, then let them fly! Create your own Seed Bombs at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay.

Have you ever seen a field or yard that just needed a little color? That’s where a seed bomb comes into play. Bound with clay and fertilizer, an vast assortment of wild flower seeds are formed into a ball that can then be chucked (or optionally launched with a slingshot available at Oddyssea Inside.) Come on down, roll a few seed bombs, let them dry, then let them fly!

In addition to Seed Bombs, we will also be offering these activities over the weekend:

All activities are on the doubloon system. Doubloons are available for purchase at Oddyssea Inside Shop.

We hope to see you this weekend!

Sand Art

Create Sand Art at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay, California

We’ve created a dedicated Sand Art station where one can create their own masterpiece by selecting a bottle and then using 15 different “safe” sands to layer and/or mix and then cap the whole thing off with a cork. Each Sand Art bottle is unique and lovely.

We’ve seen visitors polish off a Sand Art project in 5 minutes or carefully muscle relaxant consider each layer and pattern taking hours. Whatever time you choose to invest, it’s a fun activity and we hope you’ll try it! Sand Art is available in the Oddyssea Outside Garden – check our Events page for open days/hours and available activities.

If for some reason you’re not able to visit Oddyssea, we will be making a Sand Art Kit available at Oddyssea Online so you can take the fun to go.