Cannonball Run World Record Attempt

April 22nd, 2016 Comments Off on Cannonball Run World Record Attempt

Cannoball Run, the world's largest marble run/gravitam at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay
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If you’ve been following our progress at all, you’ve observed we do things over time, slowly attempting to refine and improve them over each day. We’re proud to report that this process has reached a milestone with Cannonball Run, the world’s largest marble run/gravitam.

On May 19th (coinciding nicely with 2016’s first Passegiatta) we will have a professional surveyor make the official measurements of the machine, we’ll have a videographer record the measurements and operation, we’re going to need two official witnesses, two designated racers, and we will award a lifetime free pass to race Cannonball Run to the person who most closely guesses the dimensions of the machine. All of this information will be submitted as part of our attempt to set the Guinness World Records standard for world’s largest marble run/gravitam.

We’re going to make it a party – from 5-7p the Garden (and the Shop) will be open for visits. We’ll have some food and drink, you can attempt any of the standard activities in the Garden, and Cannonball Run will be free to use for the entire party. At 5:30, we’ll have our official Racers and Witnesses kick off the attempt while it’s being recorded on video for posterity. You can be part of history by participating in the world record attempt.

Come on down and participate. How? Fill out one of our witness and/or racer application forms and enter your guess for the dimensions of Cannonball Run to win the lifetime racer card (no purchase necessary.) We will select and announce our witnesses and racers on May 12th. We will announce the winner of the Lifetime Racer card at 6p on May 19th at the event.

We hope to see YOU there.

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