Pocket Watch Reactor

Oddyssea exclusive Pocket Watch Reactor

Have you ever been in a situation where you just needed a “little more power?” Vehicle stuck in a rut, ship stranded at sea with no propulsion, power outage when hosting a dinner party for VIPs? Well, here at Oddyssea Labs we’ve helped find solutions for these problems by putting the power of the atom in your pocket.

That’s right, we’ve cracked the atomic code in such a way that it can be transported easily and safely in pocket watch form. But wait, there’s more. Using our special adapters, this handy gadget can seamlessly plug into your car, your boat, your airplane, your drone, your home generator, or anywhere else you might need a little more power to provide that little extra boost to get you over the finish line.

In addition to a nearly limitless power supply, this device also acts as an atomic clock and compass.

Unfortunately, our supply is VERY limited and the Pocket Watch Reactor will be available only on April 1, 2016 while supplies last. Come on down and get your own Pocket Watch Reactor!