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Mother’s Day Ideas

April 27th, 2016 | Lesley

Get Mom a DIY Terrarium Kit from Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay for Mother's Day

Cut flowers in a vase, delivered. Yep, that’s another original, memorable, and thoughtful Mother’s Day experience, right?

Why not change things up a little?

Here’s an idea, come out to Half Moon Bay for the day.

Part 1, go out to Cowell Ranch State Beach and meander down the long lane to the bluff. Wander toward the south and see if the seal colony is frolicking. Bonus: go to the west part of the bluff and take the long stairway down to the beach and see if you can find the bollards used to secure ships when loading lumber in the cove. Locals know that if you come at sunrise or dusk, there are numerous little rabbits darting hither and fro across the access lane.

Part 2, come to Oddyssea Outside and sit down in our garden with your Mom to make something. A Message in a Bottle, a necklace, or a terrarium. They’re fun to do and in addition to the experience of creating with your Mom, you get to take away something to remember the day by. Bonus: Challenge Mom to a race on the world’s largest marble run, Cannonball run – it will put a smile on her face. Locals know to visit the Garden between 12-4.

Part 3, book a table at one of our wonderful local eateries and you’ve got a great day for Mom. There are plenty of options for this, but one of our favorites is Its Italia. Bonus: Visit the hidden garden courtyard inside the restaurant. Locals know that the staff is there to please and can satisfy nearly dietary requirement.

Don’t forget to snap some photos while you’re visiting!

And, if Mom isn’t local and you do need to send her a little something, why not a Do-it-yourself Terrarium Kit in a gift box? We can get it to her in plenty of time and she’ll have a ball putting it together.

Whatever you choose to do, tell Mom you love her and thank her for everything.

Cannonball Run World Record Attempt

April 22nd, 2016 | Lesley

Cannoball Run, the world's largest marble run/gravitam at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay
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If you’ve been following our progress at all, you’ve observed we do things over time, slowly attempting to refine and improve them over each day. We’re proud to report that this process has reached a milestone with Cannonball Run, the world’s largest marble run/gravitam.

On May 19th (coinciding nicely with 2016’s first Passegiatta) we will have a professional surveyor make the official measurements of the machine, we’ll have a videographer record the measurements and operation, we’re going to need two official witnesses, two designated racers, and we will award a lifetime free pass to race Cannonball Run to the person who most closely guesses the dimensions of the machine. All of this information will be submitted as part of our attempt to set the Guinness World Records standard for world’s largest marble run/gravitam.

We’re going to make it a party – from 5-7p the Garden (and the Shop) will be open for visits. We’ll have some food and drink, you can attempt any of the standard activities in the Garden, and Cannonball Run will be free to use for the entire party. At 5:30, we’ll have our official Racers and Witnesses kick off the attempt while it’s being recorded on video for posterity. You can be part of history by participating in the world record attempt.

Come on down and participate. How? Fill out one of our witness and/or racer application forms and enter your guess for the dimensions of Cannonball Run to win the lifetime racer card (no purchase necessary.) We will select and announce our witnesses and racers on May 12th. We will announce the winner of the Lifetime Racer card at 6p on May 19th at the event.

We hope to see YOU there.

2016 Summer Hours

April 21st, 2016 | Lesley

Summer is Here at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

The flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, frogs are croaking, and daylight hours are getting longer. That can mean only one thing, summer is right around the corner!

In preparation for the summer season, we thought we’d share summer hours sooner rather than later. These hours/days will be in effect May 30th to September 5th. Here are the highlights:

We hope you’ll take advantage of our summer hours to come out to Half Moon Bay and have some fun!

Once the summer season wanes, our hours will return to normal (Daily 11-5p, Closed Wednesday for the Shop and Open Sa/Su 11-5p for the Garden.

Pocket Watch Reactor

April 1st, 2016 | Lesley

Oddyssea exclusive Pocket Watch Reactor

Have you ever been in a situation where you just needed a “little more power?” Vehicle stuck in a rut, ship stranded at sea with no propulsion, power outage when hosting a dinner party for VIPs? Well, here at Oddyssea Labs we’ve helped find solutions for these problems by putting the power of the atom in your pocket.

That’s right, we’ve cracked the atomic code in such a way that it can be transported easily and safely in pocket watch form. But wait, there’s more. Using our special adapters, this handy gadget can seamlessly plug into your car, your boat, your airplane, your drone, your home generator, or anywhere else you might need a little more power to provide that little extra boost to get you over the finish line.

In addition to a nearly limitless power supply, this device also acts as an atomic clock and compass.

Unfortunately, our supply is VERY limited and the Pocket Watch Reactor will be available only on April 1, 2016 while supplies last. Come on down and get your own Pocket Watch Reactor!