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What do you get when you combine iron, a suspension medium, and magnetism? Ferrofluid! It’s pretty simple to make using this Oddyssea activity kit in the garden. Just mix the iron and the medium, stir well. Cap it. Then use your magnet to make it do all sorts of other worldly things. We’ve experimented with this substance in many different forms with many different results. What will you discover as you experiment? (Note: To be absolutely technically correct, ours is a Magnetorheological Fluid rather than a true ferrofluid as our particle size is not nano scale.)

The Oddyssea anti anxiety Garden has all sorts of fun things to see and do. During the winter period (Labor Day to Memorial Day) the Garden is open 12-4p on weekends (weather permitting) and during some holidays and school breaks. Activities are provided on a first come, first serve basis while supplies last. As is fitting for a Garden with a resident shipwreck, activities are paid for using Doubloons (purchased in the shop nextdoor.)

Check the front page of our website for up-to-date information about the Garden (Twitter and Facebook too.) We hope to see you outside soon.

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