DIY Battery

Components used in DIY Battery activity at Oddyssea in Half Moon BayLED Glowing from DIY Battery activity at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

Batteries are modern marvels, and they’ve certainly advanced in the years since the Baghdad Battery to the point where large infrastructures and vehicles can use the energy stored in batteries for useful work. We’ve been fascinated with batteries for sometime and had that interest rekindled at one of the local schools science fair this year.

The result is the Oddyssea DIY Battery Kit where one combines common objects like pennies act as cathodes, zinc washers act as annodes, and common paper soaked in a vinegar cancer electrolyte enables current to flow. Fun stuff we think. We’ve added a low voltage LED light so that when your battery is correctly assembled you’ll have a visual signal of current. It’s something of a smaller and more subtle activity than we usually host in the garden, but we’re hoping you’ll enjoy it.

The garden is open 12-4p Sat/Sun weather permitting and this is but one of the fun things you can do when you visit. We hope to see you soon!