Pumpkin Festival 2015

Pumpkin Festival Time

It’s difficult to believe, but Pumpkin Festival is upon is once again. Yes, that time of year when orange rules and 200,000 of our closest friends come to visit Half Moon Bay for the Pumpkin Festival.

This year, we’re going to do something a little different from our prior Festival years. First off, Oddyssea Inside, the shop, will be closed on October 17/18 during the Festival. However, the Garden, Oddyssea Outside, will be open for the entire Festival 9a-5p both days and here’s what we’ll be doing:

  • Steam Punkin – Mr. Potatohead meets Burning Man. Stab your pumpkin repeatedly with hardware and create a post-modern masterpiece.
  • Sand Art – Pick a bottle, fill it up with 16 different colors of sand. Use tools to shape the layers.
  • Glitter Tattoos – Temporary tattoos (1-2 weeks) that are colorful and creative.
  • Message in a Bottle – You can send your SOS to the world or simply a message to a loved one by creating your own version of the venerable Message in a Bottle.
  • Earth’s Treasure Necklace – Select a wonderful mineral (8 choices,) a spiral cage (3 choices,) and a necklace (12 choices) to make unique jewelry you can wear or give as a gift.
  • Mine for Treasure – Use our 24′ Long Tom to sluice through mining rough to uncover 13 different kinds of mineral treasure.
  • Cannonball Run – It’s a giant marble run. It’s also a race between two contestants to lift the 8 lb cannonballs 20′ into the air and guide them down a series of ramps. First one who rings the bell is the winner!
  • DIY Kits To GoPearl Necklace Kit, Tillandsia Sea Terrarium Kit, and Break Your Own Geode Kit available.
  • Drinks & Candy – Sometimes you just need a little pick me up at the Festival, this is one option to whet your whistle and recharge your sugar and caffeine stores.

We’re pretty excited by the line-up and hope you are too. As a reminder, the Garden runs on the Doubloon system. Doubloons purchased previously are always good in the Garden (as are Doubloons purchased at the Festival valid for future usage.) At the Festival, we will be selling 2 packs for $6, 4 packs for $10, and 8 packs for $20. All activities are 2 Doubloons (Cannonball Run uses two racers for 1 Doubloon each) Drinks and Candy are 1 Doubloon, and Activity Kits To Go are 8 Doubloons.

We hope you come out this year and get your Pumpkin On! Look for the Jolly Roger flying in a garden with a shipwreck to find us (or, use a boring old GPS and punch in 601 Main St.)