Odd Bauble

Odd Bauble at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

At Oddyssea we are forever collecting, curating, and displaying things. Interesting things. Odd things. Fundamentally, things we like. Recently Ellen started experimenting with displaying her treasures by hanging them on driftwood and we really liked the result – the Odd Bauble.

With this fun activity, you carefully select curios from our extensive collection and find just the right way to hang them on a piece of driftwood. While we have cool stuff, you might too and you’re welcome to bring your own curiosities or simply add them when you get home. We had fun naming this one too: Should it be an Odd Mobile (conjured the image of the Bat Mobile for Mike) A curio hanger (cringe, we don’t like the idea of hanging things.) Since it kind of bobbles and it displays baubles, the name Odd Bauble mens health just had to be the winner. Lesley gets credit for finding the winning name.

This will be the featured project in the Oddyssea Garden until mid-July when we will introduce another collector themed piece of fun. Meanwhile, in addition to Odd Baubles, we continue to have a full slate of fun things available in the Oddyssea Garden where you can spend your Doubloons, simply enjoy the garden (we just refreshed it this week with new plants,) rent an Electric Bike or Metal Detector, and perhaps, check out a new attraction that is big, loud, and fun. But more on that at a future date.

Come on down! Make sure to check the Events page for open times as we do have a fair number of private events starting to crowd the calendar.