Love Bird Terrarium Kit

Give the Love Bird Terrarium Kit from Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay as a gift to your sweetheart on Valentine's Day

There are better ways to tell your sweetheart that they are loved than by giving empty calories in the form of candy or flowers that will be dead in a few days. Last week we suggested Love Letter in a Bottle as one better alternative and this week we’d like to share the Love Bird Terrarium Kit.

This kit has everything needed to create a lovely, long-lasting air plant terrarium. This one includes sand, two kinds of moss, a heart stone, a blooming tillandsia (air plant,) and a pair of love birds to nestle together in a hand-blown glass ornament. Regardless of your choice to give the gift of the kit or a finished antibiotics terrarium, your sweetheart is sure to appreciate the beauty of this terrarium.

If you can’t visit the shop, you can still ship this kit to your loved one from Oddyssea Online.

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We hope to see you this weekend!