Kaleidoscope Kit

Create your own Kaleidoscope at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay, California

In 1815 Sir David Brewster started experimenting with light polarization and in the course of that research he inserted mirrors into a tube and viewed through the mirror tube with a lens into various objects. The resulting patterns were beautiful and led to the christening of the kaleidoscope (from Greek, “kalos” is beauty, “eidos” is to be seen, and “scopeo” is to view or examine – thus a kaleidoscope is beauty to be seen.)

Predictably, we don’t just want to view the beauty at Oddyssea, we want to provide an opportunity to experiment with the kaleidoscope concept and for people to be able to create their own. And then change things around so you can create the effect you want to achieve and decorate your instrument to reflect your own personality. Not only are Kaleidoscopes our featured activity this weekend, they are also an elective option for Parties.

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We hope to see you this weekend!