DIY Dog Tags

Create your own Dog Tags at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

Updated: March, 2015 – New materials and stamps!

Make your message permanent; hammer it into metal. Yep, that’s what we’re doing this weekend, we’ve got an ad hoc metal hammering shop in the Oddyssea Garden. Imagine the message you want to capture and share, select your dog tags, then put on some safety glasses and hammer it right in. If you can hold a hammer, you can capture your message for posterity.

Not feeling it? Then one of our skilled artisans will help you get it right. It’s noisy and fun. Come give it a whirl.

There are now 2 different typefaces available and many different object stamps. In addition to the original aluminum tag and chain, we’ve now added copper, brass, and stainless steel to the line up. Come make one for yourself or as a gift, they’re fun!