Winter Lantern

Create your own Winter Lantern at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

Ward off the doldrums by designing your own Winter Lantern. Start by creating a beaded hanger for your lantern from our selection of dozens of bead choices. Then select your container and candle or battery powered tea light. Then assemble your creation and take it home to bask in the warm, soft light of your creation.

In addition to the Winter Lantern, the following anxiety meds activities will be available this weekend: Winter Fairy Cottage, Snow Globes, Coastal Wreath, Message in a Bottle, Wearable Worlds Terrarium Necklace, Electric Bicycle & Metal Detector Rental, Mining Flume, Trina’s Sweet Shoppe, Break your own Geode, Terrarium Buffet – standard and Abalone Sea Terrarium, Mason Jar Lantern, and Sand Art.

We hope to see you this weekend!