Doubloons, Oddyssea Treasure

Doubloons are good for treasure at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

In the recent past we made a decision to implement a doubloon system in the Oddyssea Outside Garden for our activities.

What is the doubloon system you might ask? Think of it like a ticket or token system at a fair or arcade. One purchases some number of doubloons and then can use them on any activity as appropriate in a single visit or over multiple visits. Doubloons hold persistent value at Oddyssea Outside and can be used over time.

The doubloon system offers benefits for you: the more doubloons you purchase, there is a progressive benefit in per doubloon pricing. Also, doubloons make a great gift because they are persistent (and we’ll put them in a little treasure bag for you.)

Why doubloon instead of ticket or token? Well, that’s easy, we have ship wreck in the garden and what else would you expect to find? Our doubloon has some Oddyssea specific information stamped into it on one side and features a traditional doubloon design on the other side. Make no mistake about it, these are one-of-a-kind treasure. They make a great gift too!

Doubloon prices start at $3 for a singleton and accumulate discounts depending upon the number purchased. Since Doubloons are durable and the price structure doesn’t change, you can buy at a higher volume with confidence.