Apple Stamp Cards

Apple Stamp Project at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay, California

Fall is the time of apple harvests and great greeting cards, so why not bring the two together in a neat little project?

That’s what we’ve done with the featured project for this weekend, the Apple Stamp Card set. Each participant will get a set of blank, thick stock, high quality greeting cards and will be able to use our Apple Stamps and other art supplies to create unique, thoughtful, and autumnal cards to share with your friends and family. We’ve tried them and we think they’re a blast to make – we hope you feel the same way.

The Oddyssea Outside Garden is open this weekend Friday, Sunday, and Monday 10a-Dusk and Saturday 12:30p-Dusk. Weather permitting.

In addition to the Apple Stamp Cards project, you’ll be able to:

Whatever your interest, we hope to see you in beautiful Half Moon Bay, California this weekend.