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“Sugar” Skull Project

October 30th, 2014 | Lesley

Create your own Sugar Skull Mask to celebrate Dia del los Muertos (Day of the Dead) at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay.

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead for those of you who might be Spanish language challenged 😉 is coming on November 1 and we thought a good way to get into the spirit (pun intended) would be to create your very own “Sugar” Skull – it’s not sugar, it’s paper.

This weekend we’re featuring the Sugar Skull project where you will be able to decorate a pint-sized skull to show your celebration of our ancestors. We’ll have different paints, pens, feathers, and accoutrements that will enable you to create your very own masterpiece. You can use that at your Day of the Dead celebration. We’ll also have supplies for you to create your own paper flowers to create your own altar to honor the dead.

Of course, the Oddyssea Outside Garden will be open (weather permitting) Friday October 31 through Monday November 3rd from 10a-Dusk with our standard set of activities including: Electric Bicycle & Metal Detector Rental, Mining Flume, Trina’s Sweet Shoppe, Break your own Geode, Terrarium Buffet – standard and Abalone Sea Terrarium, Mason Jar Lantern, Steam Punkin (the last week for this one!,) Message in a Bottle, and Sand Art. We hope to see you this weekend!

Oddyssea Online Updated

October 22nd, 2014 | Lesley

buy cipro online Online, your one stop shop for science, nature, and art products from Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay, California” target=”_blank”>Oddyssea Online is your one stop shop for science, nature, and art products from Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay, California.

One of the things we’ve heard from you is that you’d like our online experience to more closely match our in-store experience. That’s a pretty high bar to meet, but we do listen and we’ve upped our game a bit online this fall.

We still keep a small, curated collection of items in the online shop, it’s just a fraction of our over 1,500 science, nature, and art products, but they are the most requested items. If there is something you simply MUST have that is not listed on Oddyssea Online, drop us a line or call us and we’ll find a way to get it to you.

In addition to upgrading the look and feel of the site and updating our curated products, we also listened when you said you wanted free shipping. Voila! This is now standard for all continental North American shipments. We can handle expedited and international shipments as well on a case by case basis.

We hope you click on over and check out Oddyssea Online!

Mason Jar Lantern Buffet

October 9th, 2014 | Lesley

Come create your own Fall Mason Jar Lantern at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay, California.

Back in the summer we introduced our DIY activity with a sea themed Mason Jar Lantern. That project was received so well we’ve added an option for the season, the Fall Mason Jar Lantern Buffet.

When you visit the buffet, you have a choice of mason jar sizes and colors, numerous ingredients including leaves, micro-pumpkins, and branches. Of course, each Lantern includes a battery powered tea light that exudes a soft yellow glow giving your lantern that little something special as the days grow shorter.

We’ll keep this activity updated to have the right ingredients seasonally to make your Lantern a hit.

Halloween Masks

October 2nd, 2014 | Lesley

Make your own Halloween Mask at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

Pumpkins are everywhere, ghosts and ghouls are on the prowl, this can only mean one thing, Halloween is right around the corner. To help you prepare for the event, we’ve got DIY Halloween Masks on tap this weekend at Oddyssea Outside.

Start with a basic half-mask and spruce it up using all the accoutrements in our arsenal. The combinations and themes are limited only by your imagination!

In addition to the Halloween antidepressants Masks, these activities are on tap for the weekend: Steam Punkin (held over and restocked from last week), Terrarium Buffet, Break Your Own Geode, Abalone Sea Terrariums, Message in a Bottle, Treasure Flume, Sand Art, Metal Detector Rental, and Electric Bike Rental this weekend. The Oddyssea Garden is open Friday October 3rd through Monday the 6th 10a-6p at 601 Main Street in Half Moon Bay.