DIY Fairy Herb Garden

DIY Herb Fairy Garden at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

Carrying forward the Fairy theme from last week, we’re featuring a DIY Fairy Herb Garden. Each unique landscape includes up to 3 different herbs, a Fairy Cottage, and the critter of your choice.

If you made a Coastal Fairy Cottage last weekend and simply want to craft context for it, bring it on back in and we’ll situate it properly in the Herb Garden.

In addition to this project, we will have Powered Paper Airplane Design Studio, DIY Driftwood Sailboats, Terrarium Buffet, Sand Art, Message in a Bottle, Abalone Succulent Terrarium this weekend along with electric bike rental, the sweet shoppe, the mining flume, and break your own geodes as usual.

We also got the sails rigged this week, so you can drop in and see that as well. We’re open 10a-6p Friday, Saturday, and Monday. We’ll be open 12-6p on Sunday.