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Steam Punkins

September 25th, 2014 | Lesley

Create your own Steam Punkin at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

What do you get when you cross weirdly shaped pumpkins, with gears and pulleys and miscellaneous hardware, with Mr. Potato Head? A Steam Punkin!

That’s right, our featured activity at Oddyssea Outside is the Steam Punkin. Come on down and make your own. Supplies on this one are pretty limited, so if you’re interested, coming earlier is probably better than later…….

In addition to the Steam Punkin, we have a full roster of activities for you to choose from. Come on over and get your pumpkin on!

Talk Like a Pirate 2014

September 17th, 2014 | Lesley

Pirate Spyglass Kit for Talk Like a Pirate Day 2014 at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

Ahoy ye scalawags!

Smartly set your sails for Half Moon Bay and come celebrate Annual Talk Like a Pirate Day this weekend (September 19th-22nd, 10a-6p.) Aside from our shipwreck of the Oceane in our garden setting, we will be dressed like Pirates and will be talking like Pirates all weekend. Don’t be a bilge rat, come out and drop anchor at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay and partake of the festivities.

Our featured project this weekend is a DIY Pirate Spyglass (you land lubbers could also know it as a refracting telescope.) This handy tool will empower any pirate, short or tall, to survey the horizon until their heart is content. But to use it, you first have to build it.

We’ll have Driftwood Pirate Sailboats in the rotation this weekend as well along with Earth’s Treasure Necklaces, Terrarium Buffet, Message in a Bottle, Sand Art, Abalone Sea Terrarium, Treasure Hunting Kit, Electric Bike Rental, and the Mining Flume will be open and available for all your panning needs.

Avast your objections. Set your course for Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay and enjoy International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

And remember, to err is human. To Arrrrr is Pirate!

DIY Fairy Herb Garden

September 11th, 2014 | Lesley

DIY Herb Fairy Garden at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

Carrying forward the Fairy theme from last week, we’re featuring a DIY Fairy Herb Garden. Each unique landscape includes up to 3 different herbs, a Fairy Cottage, and the critter of your choice.

If you made a Coastal Fairy Cottage last weekend and simply want to craft context for it, bring it on back in and we’ll situate it properly in the Herb Garden.

In addition to this project, we will have Powered Paper Airplane Design Studio, DIY Driftwood Sailboats, Terrarium Buffet, Sand Art, Message in a Bottle, Abalone Succulent Terrarium this weekend along with electric bike rental, the sweet shoppe, the mining flume, and break your own geodes as usual.

We also got the sails rigged this week, so you can drop in and see that as well. We’re open 10a-6p Friday, Saturday, and Monday. We’ll be open 12-6p on Sunday.

Knotty Bracelet

September 4th, 2014 | Lesley

The Oddyssea Knotty Bracelet - make yours at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay!

This is a fun activity that marries the art of knot tying with every day jewelry. Using a few simple knots and assorted rope, you can create your very own knotty bracelet. We provide everything you need to be successful as you demonstrate your line handling and make your masterpiece.

In addition to the Knotty Bracelet, we have many other experiences available this weekend: Unearth Treasure with Metal Detectors, Sand Art, Abalone Sea Terrarium, Mason Jar Lanterns, Terrarium Buffet, Driftwood Boats, Earth’s Treasure Necklace, DIY Coastal Fairy Cottages, and Message in a Bottle at Oddyssea Outside. In addition, we have always available experiences of exploring Half Moon Bay on electric bicycles, mining for treasure in the flume, and break your own geodes.

As usual, the Oddyssea Outside Garden is open from 10a-6p Friday through Monday (September 5-8th) and is located at 601 Main Street in downtown Half Moon Bay. Come on down and tie one on (a bracelet that is!)