DIY Coastal Fairy Cottage

Create your own Coastal Fairy Cottage at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay!

For Labor Day weekend we thought we’d best be preparing for winter and that means providing a nice, snug home for the Fairies who reside on the Coast.

This weekend, you can drop by Oddyssea Outside and create your own special Coastal Fairy Cottage. We’ve got all the fixin’s necessary to provide your special Fairy with an abode she can be proud of for the winter. Why stop at one? You can create your own Fairy Village if you feel so inclined.

If Fairy Cottages aren’t your thing, you can also satisfy your sweet tooth at Trina’s Sweet Shoppe where we have over 30 different kinds of candy. Ask for a sample! You can explore the coast on an electric bike, we have a fleet of six, each christened with a famous pirate ship name. This weekend, rent 1 hour and get a second hour free. Or, you can take one of our treasure hunting rigs down to the sea shore and discover your own fortune.

Terrarium Buffet, Abalone Sea Terrarium, Mason Jar Lanterns, Driftwood Boats, and other activities are also available to enjoy.

Squeeze the last juice out of this summer weekend in Half Moon Bay. We hope to see you this weekend!

Open 10a-6p (Inside Closed Wednesday, Outside Closed Tuesday-Thursday)
Oddyssea Inside Treasures and Outside Garden
601-617 Main Street
Half Moon Bay, California 94019