Get Your Flux Capacitor

New Flux Capacitor

We have been busily and silently working on this project in the garage and are now ready to share with the world. After careful study of the historical documentary “Back to the Future” we have been able to reverse engineer and replicate the Flux Capacitor to enable time travel.

While this may seem incredible, physicists have long conjectured that it is theoretically possible to jump about the dimension of time. The one fact that the documentary got wrong was the amount of power required to make such a jump of 1.21 gigawatts. Our calculations showed that this amount of energy was understated by an order of magnitude and thus we had to first find a means to generate this amount of energy. Fortunately, we were able to crack this nut by tapping into the nearly limitless supply of dark energy, the counterpart to dark matter.

So, long story short, we’ve got this thing, it’s working, and it’s for sale. Drop by the shop today for a test drive!