The Finch Files

Peter Finch, Evening News Anchor for KGO Radio AM 810 in San Francisco

A few weeks ago we were chatting with one of the visitors in the shop and he asked “What’s your mission here?” which is a somewhat unusual question (and by the way, the kind of question we most enjoy.) We gave him an answer and he said “That’s interesting. Hi, I’m Peter Finch, Evening News Anchor for KGO Radio. Would you be interested in participating in an upcoming segment I’m working on?” Of course we said yes.

About 2 weeks ago we had an appointment with Peter, he came down to the shop and we had a nice chat. He’s an engaging person full of curiosity and fun. It was an easy conversation that is the basis for the latest installment of the “Finch Files: Unusual Stores.”

Also featured is a shop in San Francisco’s Mission District called Vira Cocha, after hearing about it, we can’t wait to visit. It was new to us.

There are a couple of ways to hear this piece: 1) Tune into KGO Radio 810 AM today at 05:16, 14:16, 19:46, or 21:16 to listen to it live. 2) Cruise over to the Finch Files Archive and listen to it in pod cast format (it’s not posted yet, but will be shortly.) 3) Press play on the audio tool below and hear it live on this page.

We are really flattered that Oddyssea is one of those places that inspires people to want to share their experiences. When we started this whole epic journey, that was an outcome we hoped we would be able to achieve and we’re so happy that it’s coming to pass. After all, we want our visitors to Explore, Create, and Discover with each visit.

Thanks Peter for the wonderful piece, we hope to see you again in the future.