DIY Terrarium Kit in Gift Box

DIY Terrarium Kit from Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay where you can Explore. Create. Discover.

If you want to give more than a simple gift, say you want to give an experience, consider one of our Do-It-Yourself Terrarium Kits.

This all-in-one, gift boxed item includes everything your intended needs to create a beautiful sea themed terrarium. The fun of creating their own masterpiece is really the gift, the resulting creation will last indefinitely as tillandsia are perennial plants that thrive if only you can provide them with bright indirect light and give them a drink of water at least once per week.

This is a terrarium that even a plant assassin can keep alive!

The best part of this gift is that one is free to improvise. We keep a Pinterest board of great terrarium creations that can be referenced for ideas and offers a place to share their own creation. Order yours today at Oddyssea Online.