Oddyssea Outside Approved

Model of Oddyssea Outside, the new expansion for our Activity and Adventure center at 601 Main Street in Half Moon Bay, California. Explore. Create. Discover.

Our proposed plans for Oddyssea Outside were approved at the City of Half Moon Bay Planning Council meeting on August 13th.

We first engaged the Planning team in February of this year and had a voluntary, preliminary hearing with the Council in May to share the concept and solicit the Council Member’s input before submitting our application for consideration. That strategy paid off in two ways, one was in being able to address potential pitfalls in our plan as a result of the preliminary meeting and the other was it provided us with extra time to hone the concept, plans, and activities for the area. While it was disappointing to have things feel so “slow” we will benefit from it in the longer term.

This leaves the obvious question, what happens now? Presently we’re in the appeal period where anyone who did not agree with the decision can engage the City in the appeals process. To our knowledge, there is no such opposition, so it’s more time for us to prepare while we wait for the appeal period to pass and we’re using this time to tighten the plans for the building phase, engage with the structural engineer for the mast and related structures, and to secure the materials and personnel to engage.

We do have another process to engage in with the City of Half Moon Bay, and that’s the Building Permit Process. So that’s underway and we’re doing everything we can to move that along in a timely fashion. While we’d hoped to be open for Pumpkin Festival, that’s not likely to happen for this year. But hitting the holiday season is a distinct possibility and is our target.

Stay tuned, as we know more, we’ll be sure to share. If you’d like to get a better idea of the plan, feel free to drop in and take a look at the excellent model in miniature (1/48 scale) sitting on the table in the Create room. We hope to see you soon!