Introducing Oddyssea Outside

July 18th, 2013 Comments Off on Introducing Oddyssea Outside

Mike Harding shows the model for Oddyssea Outside

We hear this a bunch “Hey, what’s happening with that lot where that cool antique place used to be?” and until recently, we didn’t have a very good answer. But now we’re opening the kimono a bit so to speak to share what we’re thinking.

Mark Noack from the Half Moon Bay Review dropped by for a chat a few weeks ago and this article resulted from that interaction.

To add a little color to Mark’s work, we’re in the Planning process with the City and are awaiting the time/date the project will be advanced to the Planning Commission for a Coastal Development Permit and a Site Plan approval. Assuming we are able to navigate that process successfully, we then embark on the Building Permit process and hopefully we’ll be able to get to work after that time.

But what do we want to do with Oddyssea Outside? That’s really the key question.

Our tag line is “Explore. Create. Discover.” and we believe we’ve made a good down payment on making those things happen with the present shop, we’d really like to make those things come to life fully as we add the outside component to the shop. One failure we’ve experienced in our first year of operation revolves around our workshops. The inside space we have is lovely, but it’s simply not practical to have a dozen people working on terrarium projects while the shop is open generally for business. So we’d like to be able to run interesting content that visitors can participate in without interfering with the day-to-day operations of the rest of the shop.

We’re looking forward to running many, many experiments and hope that you’ll be able to participate and provide feedback as we learn how best to make the space interesting and hopefully a valuable part of the Coastside Community at large. Our best estimate about the next step in the Planning process is a request for approval of our application on August 13th at the public planning meeting. Wish us luck!

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