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July 7th, 2013 Comments Off on Get Your Crab Roll On

Get Your Copy of Crab Roll at Oddyssea Online. The online store for Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay.

Here at Oddyssea, we like to experiment and sometimes we find something that works. The game Crab Roll is an example of one of our successful experiments that crossed the chasm to product.

Our objective was to create a multi-player game that appealed to all ages, had a coastal connection, was fast moving, and above all else, was fun. We pursued many different ideas and all but this one were failed experiments. Even this one had multiple iterations before we were able to hit upon something seemed to work.

Crab Roll is essentially a variation of a game of dice only in this case the dice are small, rubberized crabs. Each player rolls a pair of crabs and then observes the landing orientation of the crabs to create a score and a bonus if applicable. The game consists of 3 rounds of 6 rolls for each player and the player with the highest total score over the 3 rounds wins. If there is a tie, there is a roll-off between the tied players until a winner is determined.

We liked the crab theme as it ties in closely with our coastal location and our delicious Dungeness Crabs that come in at Pillar Point Harbor each fall. Since it is essentially a dice game, Crab Roll is easy to learn, score, and play. Our test players indicated that the game was fun to play (we know this because they wanted to keep the game. 😉 )

You can get your own copy of Crab Roll either by dropping in for a visit or by ordering at Oddyssea Online.

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