Unique Corporate Recognition

May 31st, 2013 Comments Off on Unique Corporate Recognition

Soulless, standard, boring corporate recognition award

If you work in the Corporate World, you know that there are frequently ceremonies where a significant event or accomplishment is celebrated usually accompanied by some item with an engraved name of the person, a project/achievement/milestone, and the corporate logo / name.

The most common incarnations are intended to grace shelves and collect dust in the form of acrylic pyramids, rocks, globe-shaped doodads, etc. that look a bit more like cheery, miniature, grave markers than anything else. The kicker? These things are EXPENSIVE!

Over a nearly 30 year long career in and out of the Corporate World, our co-proprietor Mike has collected a number of these recognition objects and according to him, he’s kept exactly 1 of them.

So, we have expensive objects that typically aren’t kept around because they have no utility or real meaning. There must be a better way. And indeed there is.

Recently, we were asked to think about, and supply some recognition awards for a corporate client (identity confidential to protect them, not us!) They explained to us what asthma they wanted to recognize (great mentorship) and asked us for ideas.

A spyglass makes a distinct and meaningful Corporate Recognition gift. Get yours at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay Today. Explore. Create. Discover.

What we proposed was a beautiful, working spy glass on a wooden base to go along with the sentiment of rewarding mentors for their ability to spot talent otherwise out of sight. They loved the symbolism and the fact that the spy glass would be unlike any other corporate recognition they’d ever seen.

To add one for the win column, we were able to craft a package that came in 35% below the cost of the soulless glob of plastic with their name on it. The recipients gushed after receiving their award and the gift, many rushed outside to test the magnification and they were delighted that their spy glasses not only looked good, but also worked very well.

If you find yourself or your company in the place you’d like to offer something other than the standard form of corporate recognition, contact us. We’re happy to hear what your needs are and then tailor a proposal to fit.

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