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Shells & Tillies

April 26th, 2013 | Lesley

An image from the shop that needed to be shared. An arrangement of Left-handed Whelks and baby Tillandsia. Enjoy!


A Word About Bags

April 23rd, 2013 | Lesley

Bag Tax Enacted

As you may have heard, Half Moon Bay, along with 11 other cities and unincorporated San Mateo County, have enacted an ordinance governing the circumstances, usage, and charge of bags in retail establishments.

The ordinance facts are:

– Plastic bags are banned from usage (with a few loop holes around food, dry cleaning, and not-for-profit groups.)

– Paper bags manufactured using recycled material will be available for use with a $0.10 charge in 2014, rising to $0.25 in 2015.

So functionally there are 2 sections to the ordinance, 1 outlawing plastic bags and 1 regulating and taxing the use of paper bags.

We agree whole heartedly with section 1 and if anything, wish the loop holes that were included were more severely limited. There is little good that comes from these single use plastic bags and here on the coast, not only do we have to consider land-based pollution, but also water pollution.

On section 2, we advocated a different approach which would have rewarded consumers for employing a reusable bag by providing a discount on their purchase. We believe this approach is aligned with the public interest and charts a more sensible and positive path toward behavior change than the “bag tax” as enacted. (Note: it’s not truly a tax in that businesses keep the bag money – but from a consumer perspective, it’s somewhat irrelevant who keeps the dough – it’s still seen as a tax.)

So, what we’re left with is an ordinance that does some good (most plastic gone) and attempts some positive behavior change while running the risk of alienating visitors. We will certainly comply with the ordinance (we’ve never had plastic and nearly half of our visitors use no bags at all or bring their own already – we have a great set of visitors!)

So please don’t be surprised when we ask you if you’d like a bag with that and inform you of the bag tax if you do.

The Game of Faro

April 12th, 2013 | Lesley

Faro Card Deck

When we’re off in the world, we look high and low for interesting things to share with you. Recently, we came across an edition of the Old West card game Faro (or Pharo) that we could get ahold of in some quantity and share with you.

In case you’re not familiar with the game, it’s played with cards – like those shown to the right. The traditional cards are square-cut, thick card stock with standard makeup of 52 cards (no jokers.) This is a game of chance played against a dealer. Players aka Punters buy into the game and in theory, womens health there could be up to 48 punters in a game.

The odds are stacked mildly in the dealer’s favor when played straight-up, but often were manipulated with special card wells that enabled easier cheating on the dealer’s part. Since cheating was so easy and prevalent, Faro fell out of favor in modern times.

If you’d like to conjure up some of the Old West feeling, you can get your Pharo Cards from our online shop and find the rules to the game here.