Silly Stuff

Man modeling Magic Eye Glasses at Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay, California

We have a load of fun at Oddyssea. It’s part of the experience of the shop. When you visit, you get to participate in that fun. It could be as simple as giggling at our product selections (Public Toilet Survival Kits seem to elicit this reaction frequently for instance.)

But some of our visitors take this to a whole, new level. Recently we placed Magic Eye Glasses out to increase our SQ in the shop. What’s an SQ you ask? It’s the Silly Quotient or the ratio of silly stuff to serious stuff in the shop. We try to keep that ratio healthy and robust.

Back to the story, some of our visitors get in on this silly thing whole hog. When we were merchandising the Magic Eye Glasses, they were simply too good to keep in the package. So we set them out for “fashion photography” and got some good ones. My favorite is the gentleman in this post who had the ensemble down: leather coat, captain’s hat with whale emblem, regulation scruffy white beard, and of course, Magic Eye Glasses worn with a slight grin.

Sure, we’re a business and we want to be successful – a big part of that is in having happy visitors who aren’t afraid to be a little (or a lot) silly. We certainly don’t hold back while we’re in the shop, why should you? A laugh makes any day a little brighter. We hope you have one somewhere today and invite you to come down to the shop for a chuckle if you’d like to join us.