The Lollypop Story

Lizzie with a Cricket Lolly
Lizzie with her Lolly

One of the best things about having the shop is the ability to interact with interesting people. A couple of months ago, a man and his young son and a new born dropped by for a visit and literally spent an hour roaming around exploring and playing with everything we had. Mom was getting a well deserved break (sleep one presumes.)

As the visit drew to a close, the father promised his son one small item of his choice to take home. The son selected a scorpion lollypop and came over to the register to settle up where the father determined that he’d left his wallet at home. The father turned to tell his son “we’ll get one next time” and you could see the disappointment in his eyes.

We never want our visitors to leave disappointed so we gave the lolly to the little boy and he was ecstatic. The father was relieved and promised to come back in to pay for the lolly, we never expected him to do so however.

Last weekend, the same family dropped in and the father insisted upon buying the lolly after the fact. Not only that, the family brought their friends and relatives along with them to enjoy the shop and we believe they all enjoyed the visit. Events like these make the shop a joy to work – happy people having a good time. Fortunately, we have dozens of stories like this in the few months we’ve been open and they all reinforce our notion that you can make a positive impact with a little effort.

Return visits, particularly return visits when bringing others to the shop, are the best indication to us that we’re doing the right stuff. And what a compliment those visits are. Thanks for all the support from our visitors!