Listen to the Oddyssea KHMB Interview

KHMB Neighborhood Radio on the San Mateo Coastside

Recently we were invited to have a chat with local radio station, KHMB, about the shop. One of their roving correspondents had visited over the holidays and wanted to know a little more.

So Mike walked across the street one afternoon and had a chat with Jim Holley. You can listen in to hear what they discussed by pressing the “Play” triangle icon in the music player embedded below.

By the way, if you don’t know about KHMB, they are a very interesting story. Most radio stations operate with licenses from the Federal Communications Commission providing the right to broadcast at a certain frequency with a certain power setting (i.e., AM1710 at 10,000 watts.) This makes setting up a station expensive and somewhat arcane.

In contrast, the KHMB crew chose to try a new approach. They have set up a number of micro transmitters around the coastside with a power output of less than 1 watt per station. This means they are operating below the threshold for FCC oversight (Part 15 “intentional radiation” operations if you’re interested) yet are still able to send a signal into your radio on the frequency 1710 as well as into your electronic devices via an internet stream.

We love this kind of thinking that leads to an innovative approach and commend KHMB for providing a great, hyper-local radio station to the Coastside and we encourage you to tune in for some familiar tunes (typically oldies) and rich local programming.