February HeART Walk

Love Terrarium for Valentine's Day

Guess what readers? Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly. Now you may say “This is an event concocted to boost sales during a slow winter season” and you would be right.

But equally true is that you can never tell your partner frequently enough how much you love and appreciate them. It’s true, you don’t have to buy ANYTHING to be able to convey that message to your significant other. But, if you want to use this event to provide a tangible reminder of your love and dedication, then you should join us for the February HeART Walk in downtown Half Moon Bay, California on February 9th from 2-5pm.

The HeART Walk provides a great opportunity to see new things and have a stroll in our historic and picturesque Main Street here in Half Moon Bay. Start your journey at Ellen Joseph’s Gallery at 840 Main Street then walk north to Stone Pine Center seeing all that downtown has to offer. On your return back to South Main Street, think about enjoying dinner at one of the fine restaurants in town.

We hope that you’ll join us on that Sunday and will enjoy a nice afternoon. Regardless of your purchase decisions, don’t forget to let your beloved know that they are loved!