Your Creations

Close up of a visitor-created masterpiece at Oddyssea

One of the core tenets we have at Oddyssea is that of interactivity. We don’t aspire to be a place that people go to simply buy something. We aspire to be a place that people visit to learn, create, engage, and enjoy.

It is deeply satisfying to us when we see people with familiar faces walk through the door for a return visit. It is hugely flattering to us when these same people want to share their experience with others and drag their [friends|family|colleagues] over to the coast for a visit.

Recently, we’ve had a family from El Granada visit several times over the past few weeks. On one visit, they were looking for holiday surprises and gifts. On the next visit they were researching different terrarium possibilities. On a follow-up visit, they sat down at the work prednisone table and created their very own project. And yesterday, they brought friends in with them to make something beautiful and fun.

This is but one of the dozens of examples of our visitors engaging, interacting, creating, and sharing. We LOVE that this is beginning to happen and happen more frequently. As a result, we’ve started a board over on Pinterest where we’re collecting and sharing your creations. If you have the time and/or inclination, take a look. If you would like to share your creation, we’d love to add it to the collection.

So, thanks to all of our visitors. You are making the experience great for us too and that makes us even more determined to carry on and continue our creations to share with you reciprocally.