Get Your Utili-key

Get the 6-in-1 Utili-key at Oddyssea Half Moon Bay

This is one of those entries written from first-hand experience. Post 9/11, one could no longer travel with a pocket knife or traditional multi-tool, thus the search was on for some alternative that could come along during my adventures. That search led me to the “utili-key” tool that provided for 6 tools in the form-factor of a garden variety house key.

The tool has a flat screwdriver, a phillips screwdriver, a flat knife, a serrated knife, a bottle opener, and a micro-eyeglass screwdriver. Of all the available options on the tool, I was most skeptical of the micro-eyeglass screwdriver until my glasses fell apart in Shanghai and I was able to reassemble them on the go.

In all, I’ve flow over a million miles with my Utili-key and it has been a very handy item multiple times. What’s more, since I simply have it on my key ring, I toss it into the bucket at the security line and have never even had a question about what it is or why I had it. Contrast that to my lucky pocket knife (lost in Denver at security in October, 2001) and my original Leatherman multi-tool (lost in Bangalore, India at security in 2007.)

The utili-key is a great addition to any key chain. It’s a must for the frequent traveler, a nice piece of security and utility for nearly anyone, and a terrific stocking stuffer for your friends and family.

We are delighted to be able to offer 2 versions of the Utili-key at the shop, the 5-in-1 with a car key form factor and the 6-in-1 with the house key form factor. Our special introductory offer for these fantastically useful little tools is $8 for the 5-in-1 and $11 for the 6-in-1. Come and get them while supplies last!