Agile for Retail

Oddyssea does Agile

One of the friends of the store, John Hitchcock who leads Marketing at Avantica, wrote a great article explaining how we’ve been taking the principles of Agile and applying them to the shop. It’s worth a read. Here’s a short excerpt:

On July 14, 2012, Oddyssea, a first-of-its-kind retailer, opened in Half Moon Bay, Calif. Equal parts science, nature, games, magic and furnishings, with a generous dash of whimsy, Oddyssea thematically is dedicated to exploring, creating and discovering. What’s most interesting about the Oddyssea retail experience is it was conceptualized, designed, implemented and continues to operate using Agile. The Agile software engineering model. But Agile is unrelated to the store’s point of sale, inventory management or financial systems. Rather, it’s completely focused on defining the retail experience.

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Just goes to show you that generalization across industries can be a good thing. Thanks John for writing this!