Guerrilla Gardening

Before the MissionTarget for guerrilla gardening.After the MissionArea after a covert beautifying guerrilla gardening raid.

Have you ever seen an area outside that just needs prettying up? Perhaps you don’t have direct access or permission to enter the area in question?

We’ve found just the answer for this situation, a movement called “guerrilla gardening.” This is the practice of beautifying an area on the sly and without sanction. It’s sort of a prank of good will that everyone can enjoy.

The guerrilla gardening spirit is one we want to support, and that’s why we offer “seed bombs” – a collection of wildflower anti inflammatories seeds, fertilizer, and clay that are easily tossed into the spot you’d like to improve. Now, not all areas are within tossing range so we’ve supplemented the ammunition with a mechanical chucking device, the good old fashioned slingshot!

If you have a hankering to engage in a little subversive beautification, stop by and we’ll arm you for your mission 😉 And oh, by the way, take before and after photos and bring them in and we’ll give you a 10% discount on your next purchase!