Featured Artists

Since the SOMA Summer Art Stroll is coming up this weekend, we thought we would share a little about the art on display at Oddyssea. We currently have two featured artists: Nicole Keating and Sabrina Muscat.

Nicole Keating is a Coastside resident and a multi-talented artist. We met her during a group project she conducted with our Daughter’s class last year. We liked her work so much, we purchased several pieces for our home! It was a fantastic bonus to be able to collaborate with Nicole as we charted the course for Oddyssea.

Nicole has a large collage of pieces that were inspired by nature and science mounted on the wall of the create room. In addition to being beautiful, these pieces are distinct in having been executed on slabs of California redwood.

Here’s one of our favorite pieces on display at the shop:

Nicole Keating Art

Sabrina Muscat is also a Coastside resident and artist. Sabrina is a recent diabetes addition to the shop and to our world having just met during the process of opening the shop. Sabrina has demonstrated her creative prowess with several of our most loved sea-rarriums and with several ocean themed pieces on display at the shop. Sabrina likes to use textures in her work – like tissue paper, lichen, or kelp. We feel so lucky that Sabrina dropped into our world and hope to have her engaged for a long time!

Here’s one of our favorite pieces:

The Art of Sabrina Muscat

We hope that you are able to come admire and enjoy their respective works.

While you are visiting for the SOMA Summer Art Stroll, make sure to check out the other great galleries, artists, and venues on South Main Street in Half Moon Bay. There is so much creativity and beauty that is hidden away – make your great discovery on Sunday!