Your Creations at Oddyssea

One of the things we hoped to achieve when we opened the shop was to have people not only visit and explore, but to stay and create. The 3 photos below show just a fraction of the creation that is possible in the shop.

This piece was the first one created by one of our visitors on the work table in the create room:

The first customer created terrarium at Oddyssea Half Moon Bay.

This piece was created by one of our visitors yesterday, somewhat accidentally. She got the ingredients and wanted to see how things fit together. It started on the work table, moved to the apothecary counter, back to the work table, and finally was packaged to travel.
The Accidental Project - built from scratch at Oddyssea Half Moon Bay

This piece is Mike’s general health contribution to the terrarium arts. He was helping someone out with sea urchin and sea stars along with some tillandsia. In the process he broke an urchin 🙁 and had an extra on the counter. About that time, a customer laid a tillandsia next to it and it looked like a jellyfish. Thus the new jelly-rerrarium! Ellen said it looked lonely, so we made it some friends too.
Mike's Jellyfish-rerrarium built at Oddyssea Half Moon Bay

Like what you see? Come on down and show us what you’ve got. We’re happy to work with you as you chart out and execute your creation.

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