Summer Art Stroll – August 5th

HMB SOMA Arts Summer Art Stroll

One of the best things about joining the Half Moon Bay business community has been the warm welcome and support of the community. Within that community, there is specialization and we’re proud to be able to participate in one of the sub-segments of the community, the SOuth MAin Street (SOMA) artists.

Ellen Joseph, of the Ellen Joseph Gallery & Studio, has been the driving force behind SOMA and the events structured to show off all the talent on south Main Street. Having seen visitor behavior now in terms of walking and looking, it’s as though there is an invisible force field on Miramontes that prevents people from exploring further.

The SOMA Summer Art Stroll aims to breach the Miramontes Street force field and make it worthwhile to venture down Main Street to places that people may not have visited before. Aside from the great art and talent on display, visitors can enjoy live music and refreshments.

The event is August 5th 2-5pm in Downtown Half Moon Bay. All of the participants are listed on the HMB SOMA Arts website. Come on over and have some fun. We hope to see you then!