Nothing Worthwhile is Ever Easy

There's no such thing as easy money. All money is hard to attain, maintain, and grow. If it's worthwhile, it's going to be difficult to do.

Well, it’s June. And Oddyssea is not yet open.

The front room of Oddyssea is not close to being completed and we’re now executing plan B. Unfortunately, the team we were working with to help get the right fixtures in place suffered a set back in the form of an injury and we’ll likely only see a fraction of the bits we’d hoped to install in the room.

So, I spent the weekend looking at our alternatives and have settled on doing a couple of projects myself, scavenging for other bits at going out of business sales for other stores, and looking around at commercial alternatives. Things are a bit behind schedule and a bit bumpy.

I’m reminded of the old saw “If it was easy, everyone would do it. It’s supposed to be hard.” That’s where we are right now in the Oddyssea odyssey.