No Picture Post

Why no picture? My posts always have pictures (at least I try.) That’s because most of what I’m working on is not photogenic at present. Inventory. Fixtures. Product Designs. Forms. Yes, Forms. And more Forms.

Filed for our Half Moon Bay Business License and Alarm Permit today. That was fun. Still have the sign stuff to go.

Cleaning. The whole family is cleaning fixtures that are on site. Did a little reconfiguration today decoupling a tall glass doored cabinet and an apothecary counter. The resulting design looks and feels MUCH better.

Daughter, who had this day off as the remnant of spring break, complained about spending her day in the store cleaning things. Until she was paid by Spouse antifungals (brilliant.) She now wants to do something tomorrow (we’ll see about that after homework.)

Doing some non-store paperwork too as I’m about to embark upon some consulting over the next few months to help the cash-flow situation out. You can never have too much cash flow! It seems that there are 2 gigs I’ll do concurrently (developer related and open source software related) and one possibility for (platform/apps related) still pending. I might grow to like this as a way to have a bit of variety.

If we get things cleaned up and the minor carpentry work done, I’ll share a photo on my next post. Now, back to Inventory. And Forms. Etcetera.