The First Batch of Fixtures Arrived!

First fixtures for Oddyssea in Half Moon Bay

The first batch of fixtures we purchased from a local collector rolled up in a big rental truck yesterday. There are five pieces in the batch including 2 apothecary style counters, a large cabinet with glass doors, a small glass display case, and a hardware cabinet (think like a small library card catalog.) Click the image right to enlarge.

We are delighted to see these pieces in situ -> they have started to fill the shop in a good way. We have some cleaning and minor reconditioning to complete before they are ready for service. Boy, do they look good just being there!

The team that brought the furniture out was efficient, had a good sense of humor, and got the items in place safely (without injuring themselves, the articles, or the store!) As a bonus shop warming gift, the collector threw in two ship’s wheels of different sizes we love and will find a good use for. Things are progressing nicely.

Next up is the work table and benches…stay tuned.