The Saga of the Register

National Cash Register model #367 pre-restoration

If you’ve been following our store journey, Oddyssea you might say 😉 you’ll know that we acquired a 1909 model #367 solid brass cash register. I thought that I would take on the restoration process until I got into a bit and it turns out not only to take time, but very specialized knowledge. While it would be fun to acquire that knowledge, we simply don’t have the time to invest in that single item.

We located the one, and I mean the one and only company (HBAC Group) that specializes in the repair and restoration of these machines and set about shipping the register out to have them get it back into shape. Here’s the catch, to have any reasonable shipping cost, the weight of the package cannot exceed 150 lbs (68 kg for you non-imperial measurement types.) It turns out the register on its own is 132 lbs. I managed to build a package around it that weighed 32 lbs on its own. For those of you keeping score out there, that’s a 164 lb package.

So I found myself back in the shipping store yesterday and removed my packaging to try to get the total weight under the limit while re-packaging the register in high-tech, lightweight materials and re-packaging securely enough that it won’t be destroyed during the shipping process. I think we managed to get that done and the thing is finally on its way east to Jasper, New York where it will get the love and attention it so badly needs before embarking on its new life at Oddyssea.