On to flooring!

Pre-finished floors at Oddyssea

Well, the drywall stage is now completed and work has started on the floors in earnest. The front room had some sort of tile over the hardwood floor and is meticulously being scraped off leaving a black, gummy residue. It’s worth it though because this is the same sort of wood that is in the shop next door where they also refinished the floors and they are gorgeous.

The floor in the back room has been painted and appears to be a different wood composition, much broader planks and perhaps a softer wood of some sort. Regardless, it will take some effort to get both rooms sanded down and refinished though the result will be worth it we think.

On a side note, despite me feeling somewhat old and feeble, it turns out I’ve got a little skin care physical strength left after all. That 1909 model 367 National Cash Register apparently weighs more than 150lbs. I’ve been moving this around my wood shop at home and finally carted it in to be shipped to NY where it will get a little TLC. The restoration job unfortunately is beyond my capabilities and available time. So the experts are going to help out.

The bummer is that the scale at the shipping place only indicates up to 150lbs and the register was over that in mass. No wonder I felt sore moving that thing hither and yon! It took 3 guys at the shipping office to wrestle it on to the scale. Even though it’s going to cost a mint to ship, I left feeling strong!